25. Oktober 2015

Karin Oberhofer between regeneration and training

Karin Oberhofer tells us about her experience that she felt empty, but now she looks confidently forward to the races.
24. Oktober 2015
Maren Hammerschmidt

Maren Hammerschmidt, Biathlon for passion

Biathlon for passion, subtitles Maren Hammerschmidt her homepage.
22. Oktober 2015

Wolfgang Pichler, the new German Vice-Champion

Wolfgang Pichler, ein Trainer hat sich neu erfunden
21. Oktober 2015

What is the secret of Karolin Horchler ?

Karolin Horchler is a great markswoman, her aim is to reach the Olympic Games , she prefers dark chocolate
18. Oktober 2015

Biathlon Worlcup Revival Part 01

Biathlon Worldcup 2015/16
15. Oktober 2015

Lenzerheide "a new world cup delicacy"

Adelboden, Engelberg, Wengen, St. Moritz and some other places in […]
15. Oktober 2015

New German biathlon generation?

Young, motivated and athletic. The „next-generation in German Men´s Biathlon“ […]
15. Oktober 2015

The young guns

Sure there are a many German female biathletes, which could […]
15. Oktober 2015

Miriam Gössner on the way back

The new season will be a trend-setting season for Miriam […]
15. Oktober 2015

Hat on and sponsor it …

It is no longer only to wear the sponsor`s cap. […]
15. Oktober 2015

Tiril Eckhoff -Marit Bjoergen of biathlon

On the camp of the Norwegian athletes- Today we would […]
15. Oktober 2015

Oslo sets standards with mammoth Skihalle

Glacier or ski hall… The athletes train on many exercise […]
27. September 2015

Russische Meisterschaften im Sommerbiathlon durchgeführt

In Chaykovsky (Region Perm) fanden am Wochenende die russischen Meisterschaften im Sommerbiathlon statt.