Selina Gasparin

Selina Gasparin back to the top rankings

Gasparin, a name that represents women Biathlon in Switzerland. In triplicate there are the Gasparin sisters. Selina, Elisa and Aita. They usually start even together in a relay. The most successful of them, Selina wrote in December 2013 Swiss biathlon history. She was the first World Cup winner of her nation.

„My way to the top was long, but my motivation is always great, to become better and it is fun for me,“ so Selina states her passion for the sport. After maternity leave she is now back in the world elite and she is always good for a podium finish.

„My life is quite full planned and demanding. “ Sounds logical, if one knows the life of a mother of a small daughter. One can only suspect that Selina Gasparin manages the balance between mom of daughter Leila and her sport Biathlon. „I love the challenge and I appreciate to be allowed to be mother and athlete“, tells us the Swiss lady.

Alpine skiing, ice hockey and tennis a long list of the most popular sports in Switzerland. A piece later there is Biathlon. The prominence that biathlon has in Germany, from that Switzerland is a piece removed. „Biathlon has become more popular in Switzerland,“ said Selina. Of course, the successes help and she thinks the sport still has potential for development. „We are on the right way but we still have potential.“

„My sisters are my great aid.” For Selina there is nothing more important than family. It sounds logical when she is pleased that her two sisters are traveling with her in biathlon.

And what do Selina plan after the stage of life Biathlon? „I have a job as a border Guardian, but what actually comes after the sport, as far as I think not.“

Definitely a cool matter when three sisters are a strong and successful team. The one, Selina, is already part of the world elite, the others benefit from the experience of her sister. From all three one can still expect a lot in the next few years. Perhaps even at upcoming World Championships in Oslo.


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