Karin Oberhofer between regeneration and training


The mix between regeneration and training, an art in itself.

karin oberofer

Karin Oberhofer tells us about her experience that she felt empty, but now she looks confidently forward to the races.


The biathletes have almost all winter competitive stress.

Apart from the physical stress of the race and the associated mental effort, they must travel from place to place. That also consumed enormously the existing forces.


A season is long, that is why several athletes are trying to recharge their batteries with a small break after the winter.


Karin Oberhofer tells us about her experience of starting right without relaxation and a break back into training. Eventually, during the preparation time it takes revenge that one had neglected the regeneration.


Karin Oberhofer just did not feel good, until her body and head gave her to understand, a cut is needed. Holiday and just take off to Croatia, after that everything went much easier. Now she’s hot for the upcoming competitions.


The South Tyrolean is thoroughly a family man. Her time she likes to spend in nature.  




Karin calls herself a great gourmet, but she knows how important it is to pay attention in nutrition.

The 29-year-old tries to replace typical wheat products such as pasta with spelled flour products. So for her it is possible to control same occurring problems in healthy.

 We are quite surprised when she let us take a look into her garden. The love to the nature and the green thumbs can be seen. Private vegetables and fruits are not only her „fuel“ but also somehow a passion.

 A likeable young lady who opens for interested amateur athletes her sporting experience. She gives gladly her knowledge, offers on her website tips and ideas for athletes and we all can have a look in her life.

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